The most secure Escrow for Shipping and Logistics

Exchange your shipments and payments without any risk

AxleEscrow helps you have safe transactions

Transact safely between your shippers, carriers and customers using our digital escrow service for logistics.

Secure transactions

Backed by leading banks

Quick fund disbursement

Lowest escrow fee


Escrow for logistics in 4 simple steps

Protect your shipment and payment exchange

Shippers and Truckers connect
Submit payments to AxleEscrow
Deliver services to Shippers
Release payments to Truckers

Why AxleEscrow?

You can stay confident of your shipment and payments

  • Real time notifications

    Keep track of your escrow process through real time notifications.

  • Digital KYC process

    Say goodbye to paperwork with a seamless digital KYC process.

  • Multiple payment Methods

    Pay through multiple methods for easier and quicker transactions.